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What is SPAITR?

The first sport tracking solution that measures your stick handling metrics to make you a better player. Join the SPAITRTM WEB where players, coaches, and parents can interact socially, educationally, and competitively.

Taking Lacrosse to the Next Level!

SPAITR is not only a great tool for development, it's a competitive advantage. It allows my players to hold themselves accountable to their training and also motivates them to achieve higher levels. As a coach, it gives me access and insights into my players' training and progress, so I can identify targeted areas where I can help their game. This product will advance the sport of lacrosse!

Kristen Kjellman Marshall
Gold Medalist - 3x National Champion
Reinventing Lacrosse Analytics

This product has the ability to re-invent the way lacrosse players of all ages train and prepare for their lacrosse season. With the unique ability to statistically identify weaknesses in your play; the product will be a necessity for anyone who is serious about their game. Additionally, it will provide a competitive edge for those who have it compared to those who don't

Dylan Willis
St. John's University Midfielder and SPAITR Athlete
A Competitive Advantage!

I firmly believe the next competitive evolution in our sport will be the usage of dynamic player analytics like SPAITR.

Bo McDougall
Head Lacrosse Coach of Castleton University

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SPAITR Benefit Series - Shot Speed
If you have ever been to a big lacrosse event with a fan zone, such as a club tournament, a PLL game, or the college lacrosse national championship weekend, there is always one booth that has a line significantly longer than the others… the fastest shot. At first glance you would think that this line tends to be the longest because knowing how fast you shoot is cool, and who wouldn’t want to know that? And in most cases, you would be right. However, there are many benefits to shot speed that can make you a better player when applied.
November 13, 2023

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